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PETNF SMART-pet solar water agitator

    • 🐾【IRREGULAR CIRCLES & A BONUS FEATHER】Tested over 8 months, finally, we designed this tumbler ball laser toy to avoid being tipped over when pets paly with it. In order to let your cat/kitten enjoy a more exciting hunting time, we design it with 360 degrees rotation, a eggshell ball appearance, and tumbler base. Futhermore, we offer a bonus feather which you can put it on the ball's different place for making irregular circles and attracting pet's attention.
    • 😺【Design points】 The main frame is hemispherical, the top is transparent, the supporting point is a vertical support, solar charging, small size, easy to carry, no wiring, no pipes, low noise during operation, and easy to use.
    • 🐾【Function description】 By generating continuous ripples in the water to attract birds and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the bird bath, at the same time, the transparent top shell is used to make the product beautiful and easy to direct sunlight to the solar panel;
    • 😺【Usage method】 Turn on the switch before installation, choose a sunny and unobstructed environment to install the product, and keep the solar transparent cover full of sunlight.
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