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petnf Tofu Cat Litter Natural Cat Litter Flushable Cat Litter Clumping Plant Cat Litter Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter Dust Free Low Tracking Cat Litter Biodegradable Pellets Multi-Cat

    • 🐾1. NATURAL INGREDIENTS CAT LITTER: Tofu cat litter is made from pea fiber, corn starch and starch. Using food-grade starch, listed companies dry bean dregs to ensure product safety and health.
    • 🐾2. QUICK CLUMPING & EASY SCOOPING: Fine Particle, better wrapping effect, ensure that your cat's butt is dry, non-sticky, easy to clean up.
    • 🐾3. UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL KITTY LITTER:It absorbs quickly in 1.5 seconds, and no odor is generated, effectively suppresses odor and has a better deodorizing effect.
    • 🐾4. FLUSHABLE & 99.9% DUST FREE CAT LITTER:The particle diameter is 2.0MM, the water content is controlled within 10% ± 1%, and the hardness is above 55N. Adding biodegradable materials, it can be poured directly into the toilet and washed away.
    • 🐾5. PLANT LITTER CAT & MULTI-CAT : Smaller particles, complete particles for more than a week, suitable for cats of all ages, make cat's paw feel more comfortable, take care of kittens, and save consumption.


1. Spread 2 inches of cat litter in a clean cat litter box.

2. For cats who have not used tofu cat litter, add a small amount of cat litter that has been used in the past to help your cat adapt.

3. Use a shovel to clean up the excrement, which can be directly flushed into the toilet, but do not overdo it each time to avoid blocking the toilet.

4. After opening the product, pay attention to fasten the bag mouth and place it in a clean environment to avoid getting wet.

5. If cat litter is left in the litter box for too long, the deodorizing effect will be reduced. It is recommended to replace all of it 2-3 times a month.

6. Please use tofu cat litter according to your own situation.

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