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BirdsCome-bird bath-Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Gray

    • 【Practical function】 It is made of weather-resistant resin, which can prevent discoloration and cracking for a long time under the scorching sun; it has good drop resistance and prevents cracking when accidentally dropped; it is durable and has a long practical life;

      【Style design】 The bird bath is light, you can move it to the perfect position at will, the base contact surface is large, and the stability is good enough; the classical style design allows the bird bath to add another beautiful scenery to your home;

      【Convenient mode】Allow multiple birds to drink or take a bath at the same time, and there is a row of perforations around it, which is convenient for the birds to stay upright in the sun after bathing; it can make your yard full of cheerful bird songs all year round;

      【Total size】20.08" (diameter) x 28.35" (height); water capacity: 0.9 gallons


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