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PetNF Outdoor Dog Cat Heating Pad, Pet Heating Pad with Timer, Electric Pet Bed Warmer, Waterproof Heating Pad for Dogs Cat

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  • The heating pad is great for warming up your dogs after a walk in the cold. It was freezing in am and when you got home from your walk, all your dogs will race to this heating pad.

    LESOTC's large pet heating pad has the largest size (29.5 x 17.7 Inches) in the market. More suitable for the large or medium dog(> 40 lb ), or double small dogs and cats, which can help your large furbabes to keep warm and comfortable in the cold winter. Also best for senior pets, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury.

    1. Two thermostats inside of pad, generating 86 - 131℉ comfortable heat.

    2. The heating pad has 4 timer levels to adjust(4/8/12/24H), you can help the pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) to select optimal comfort temperature( 86-131℉/30-55℃). Chew resistant cord casing protect your pets AND 2.1M Metal Chew Resistant Cord can withstand 5KG pull. Suitable for use in pet houses and nests, also can be used for unwell pets, little puppies kitties, elderly pets or pets recuperating after injury.

    3. Certificates of MET. 6 different heat levels and 4 timer levels help your pets in warming comfort. High temperature self-destruct function: (V0 FIRE Resistant) In extreme cases,pulsed power failure or improper use by other users cause local heat focus,when the internal temperature reaches at 105℃ will burn the insulation layer between the temperature control wire and the heating wire to cause the chip to be automatically burned after short circuit.

    4. Waterproof & Moisture. Soft PVC envelope enclosure with the waterproof, clean pad with the damp cloth, soft removable cover is machine washable. Do not immerse in water.

    5. Largest heating size in the market. The size is 29.5×17.7 Inches (Larger than others in the market), which is perfect for large or medium dogs, cats, whose weight between 40lb and 100lb;

    6. Safety design. 83 Inches anti-biting power cord to keep the pet and your home safe and extend the service life.


Product Principle:

Place the heating pad on the couch, then turn it on and let the pet lie on it.After about 20 minutes, you can feel the heating pad warming up.


For pet use ONLY. NOT for human useDo not use the cord as a handleDo not puncture or use any sharp object to secure the pad in placeUnplug when not in useDO NOT make any modifications to switch button, wires and heat elementDO NOT use another electronic heating device in conjunction with your heating padDon’t use in conjunction with a pet bed, Don’t cover anything on a heating matDO NOT IMMERSE PAD IN WATER

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