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PETNF Chicken Coop Heater 140 Watts Radiant Heat Chicken Heater Energy Efficient Design Safer Than Brooder Lamps Heater for Chicken Coop UL-Compliant Two Ways to Use, 11.81''x15.74'', Black

  • 【Thermostats & Heat-Sensitive Sticker】: Comes with a power switch with a temperature adjustment range of 140~167℉/(60~75℃); the heat-sensitive sticker will alert you to the condition of the temperature. (This sticker is black for temperatures below 45℃/ 113℉ and red for temperatures above 45℃/ 113℉)
  • 【Energy-efficient Design】: Reducing electricity use is our eco-friendly design philosophy. The power consumption is ONLY 140 Watts makes it more energy-efficient than most of the others.
  • 【UL-Compliant & Thermostatic System】: The pet chicken coop heater complies with UL standards and has a powerful thermostatic system to maintain the temperature of the chicken heater surface. It has a built-in fuse for good protection of your chickens.
  • 【Two Ways to Use】: Easy to install, two options to install to fit different scenes; you can choose the standing style or wall-mounted style. Also paired with a 9.8 ft/3 m length wire to extend your use of the space.
  • 【Safe for Chicken Coops】: The type of heat is radiant heat, it's very safe for your chickens. Good for the puppies and kittens to keep warm, protect them from frostbite, it's also the perfect home for small animals. Let’s provide a warm and comfortable area for your chicken!

Petnf Safe Chicken Coop Heater

Let’s provide a warm and comfortable area for your chicken!

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