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PETNF Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Cat Litter Box

  • NO MORE SHOVELING CAT POOP BY HAND--Never scoop again with our automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats! Free your time and hands! You dont need to connect APP, just plug it and ready to use, or press the button(turn on) to start self cleaning in a more convenient and efficient way. Never worry about the app can not working on the global network or other APP issues.


  • NO MORE SMELL WITH EXCELLENT DEODORIZATION SYSTEM--The biodegradable carbon filter uses super-absorbent activated carbon, which can effectively eliminate unpleasant odors in cat-keeping households, and the unique negative air pressure system is designed to keep the automatic cat litter box in a relatively negative pressure environment, which locks the odor firmly in the box and prevents the odor from spilling out. You will find there is no litter/cat urine odor at all.


  • SUPER QUIET TO USE--We covered the litter passage with soft rubber material which creates serene, effortless litter flow, selected support structure points which were both sturdy and quiet, then implemented involute gears to aid in smoothing out it’s rotation efficiency. Most importantly, we co-designed new motor system specifically for petnf with one of the world's biggest manufacturers, to ensure that it would purr as softly as your furry friends do!


  • NO STUCK CATS, 100% SAFETY PROTECTION--The exclusive custom TOF infra-red sensor of our self cleaning cat litter box can detect movements with lightning speed and precision within 0.1 seconds, thousands of detection per second to give cats more comprehensive safety protection. More sensitive and safe than traditional gravity sensor, no weight limit, even sense kittens. No more worrying about your cats getting stuck!


  • EASY TO INSTALL&CLEAN--Our cat litter box has been 98% installed at the factory, so you only need to install the four legs, waste tray and filter box after receiving it. No need to worry about installation problems, and you can avoid the situation that the product cannot be used properly due to incorrect installation. Also easy to deep cleaning without disassembling, just take the top dome off and run it under a tap or garden hose!


  • LARGE ENTRANCE & SPACIOUS INTERIOR SPACE--The entrance size is 12*9inch, large enough to allow your large cats to enter, even 24inch long cats, plus a hollow circular design inside makes your cats have a private space to scratch the litter while do their business. Our large capacity of waste tray means no scooping, cleaning or refilling cat's litter box for a week. Just need to empty waste tray for every 7-10 days (Based on test data from one cat).


  • WARNING--The cat litter box will stop for 5 min after mixing the poop, waiting for the clumps to solidify before dumping the litter, also can better reduce the odor and sticky bottom. The whole cleaning cycle takes about 16 min. You can just start a full dumping rotation by clicking the button once to reduce the whole cleaning cycle to only 4-5 min when in 5 min waiting or stand-by status.
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